Best Readers for Men: Choose Cool Styles to Upgrade Your Look in 2023

Best Readers for Men: Choose Cool Styles to Upgrade Your Look in 2023

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Do you wear reading glasses? If so, you’re not alone – men who wear reading glasses are on the rise, as more men require vision correction and get reading glasses.

But just because your eyesight isn’t what it used to be doesn’t mean you have to stick with an ordinary pair of men’s readers.

Thanks to new technology, stylish options are available that allow you to get the help you need without sacrificing the quality of your look.

What are the choices?

While it may seem like there are dozens of choices for picking reading glasses for men, it’s pretty simple. Focus on three major points to narrow your selection: frame shape, color, and magnification strength. It’s a good idea to consider how you wear your readers and what looks best for you.


Know Your Frame

When shopping for readers, it’s essential to know your frame style and size. Many people don’t realize that frames come in different widths (narrow, standard, wide reading glasses) or that reading glasses can come in slightly different sizes depending on whether they have rounded or squared lenses. If you’re unsure what type of frames you like, try out a few styles before deciding. For a wide face, try our large frame reading glasses for men. Go for wire rimmed reading glasses or horn rim reading glasses for a more intelligent and sophisticated look. Don't forget to explore our range of wide frame reading glasses.

large frame reading glasses for men

What Color Should You Choose?


There are tons of different color glasses to choose from, but our general rule is to keep it simple. If you’re wearing a fun outfit and you pair it with fun frames, then the whole thing will be too much; you want your glasses to be able to stand out in a crowd without standing out too much.

The trick is picking a color that plays into the clothes you already own or coordinates with other accessories that complement your wardrobe.

You can never go wrong with black readers for men, or if you are looking for a more vintage look, go with wooden reading glasses for men.


Choose your reader's strength

Don’t know your magnification?

Hold up our handy reading glasses test card (you can print one out here) at arm’s length to see if you can read any of these lines. If you can, you have an easy-to-read magnification. If not, your reading glasses will require a higher magnification and make reading harder.


Final Thoughts

Here at 2SeeLife, we think it should be easy and fun to buy reading glasses online. So we offer free 60-day returns on every order. If you’re not completely satisfied with your new pair of reading glasses for men, return them within 60 days for a full refund. No questions asked. We want you to love what you buy from us, so our return policy ensures zero risks are involved when shopping with us, no matter what happens. All $20 orders include free shipping and handling too!