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The Best Low Power Reading Glasses for 2024

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When you’re young, you get to enjoy the perks of being able to see anything and everything your heart desires with no need for corrective reading glasses. However, as you cross the 40-year mark, presbyopia begins to set in, bringing with it the need to invest in a pair of reading glasses to make your life easier.

If you’re in your early 40s and have just started feeling the need for reading glasses, chances are you don’t need to get stronger reading glasses. However, understanding what strength you need can be challenging, especially if you’re new to reading glasses.


In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the best low power reading glasses on sale at 2SeeLife. We’ll also explain the basics of reading glasses strengths, so you can truly understand what your eyes need.

Understanding Reading Glasses Strength

When we talk about the strength of reading glasses, we typically refer to the level of strength they provide, also known as diopter. The problem with most over-the-counter reading glasses, however, is that they start with a minimum strength of +1.00, and this can be too strong for someone who only needs a pair of low power reading glasses.

If you’re already wearing a pair of reading glasses and you notice that you need to hold a book further away than is normally appropriate, you need a stronger pair of reading glasses. On the other hand, if you have to hold a book much closer, your lenses are too strong, and you need to find the right low power reading glasses.

The 9 Best Low Power Reading Glasses You Can Buy

In this section, we take a look at 9 of the best low power reading glasses you can buy at 2SeeLife

Funky Cat Eye Reading Glasses for Women

This pair of geometric cat eye-reading glasses is inspired by the days of the 50s. This timeless pair of reading glasses comes in a strength as low as +0.50 and +0.75, making it ideal for someone who doesn’t need a strong pair of reading glasses.

Available in a host of colors and made from premium polycarbonate, durable spring hinges, and scratch-resistant lenses, these glasses are the ideal reading glasses for the modern woman.

Geometric Cat Eye Reading Glasses

This pair of classic geometric cat eye reading glasses is ideal for those with a youthful and sharp personality. Available in a strength as low as +0.50, you can easily consider these glasses if your optometrist hasn't prescribed a stronger pair.

These lightweight, yet comfortable frames come in green, black, tortoise, and blue pastel, and offer fully magnified, scratch-resistant lenses for maximum comfort.

High End Blue Light Blocking Readers For Men

If you’re a man in his 40s looking for a bold and sharp pair of low strength reading glasses, then these blue light blocking reading glasses are the perfect pair for you. Unlike a lot of other readers, these offer the all-important blue light protection, making them the ideal pair for long hours in front of screens.

These reading glasses for men are available in a strength as low as +0.50 diopters, and go all the way up to +4.00. These reading glasses feature a soft rubber frame and hinged springs for the most comfort and durability.

Retro Round Reading Glasses

If you’re on the lookout for the lowest magnification readers in a round frame, you’ll love these retro round readers. These incredibly versatile frames come in strength as low as +0.50 with lenses that are fully magnified. What’s more, the lenses also offer blue light protection, and are scratch-resistant, making them incredibly durable.

Available in green, black, wood brown, clear, and blue, they can match any personality and be the perfect accessory to your attire.

Premium Cat Eye Readers For Women

A pair of premium low power cat eye reading glasses for women can be hard to come by, but that’s not the case with these cat eye readers. This stunning pair is available from the lowest magnification of +0.50 diopters and features lenses that are fully magnified.

This premium frame is made of high-quality polycarbonate added to which you have durable spring hinges. All these elements combine to make this a pair of cat eye reading glasses that will last you a long time while keeping you comfortable all day long.

Retro Small Round Reading Glasses for Men and Women

If you’re someone who prefers smaller round frames, these small round readers are a great option. Available in a transparent frame with classy, wooden texture frames, this pair is perfect for someone who likes a bold pair of reading glasses.

You can get these reading glasses at a low magnification of +0.50, and go all the way up to +4.00 diopters. The lenses on these reading glasses are fully magnified and scratch-resistant. They also offer UV protection, making them ideal if you decide to wear them outdoors.

Stylish Wide Frame Reading Glasses for Men

If round or cat eye frames aren't your cup of tea, chances are you’ll love the silhouette of these stylish wide frame reading glasses. The quintessentially rectangular design is timeless, and it comes with lenses at a low strength of +0.50 and +0.75 diopters.

These reading glasses with the lowest strength are available in two classic colors - black and brown, making them perfect for someone who doesn’t want to attract too much attention, while still looking stylish wherever they go.

Heavy Duty Reading Glasses for Men

Spending money on low-quality reading glasses all the time can prove to be expensive. However, with these unbreakable retro reading glasses, you’ll never have to worry about their durability. These horn-rimmed frames house a pair of high-quality blue light blocking lenses that come from the lowest strength of +0.50 diopters.


You can get these durable frames in three colors - matte black and wood, matte brown and wood, and black, making them the perfect pair for the bold and confident modern man.

Genuine Retro Reading Glasses

Modern polycarbonate frames can sometimes seem too fashion-forward, and for those who prefer the styles of the years gone by, these wire rim reading glasses will be the ideal choice.

The thin metal frames on these reading glasses are lightweight and durable and offer you the benefit of the good old silicone nose pads that you can adjust to your comfort. The lenses on these reading glasses are fully magnified and start from a low magnification of +0.50 diopters.

What’s more, you can get these reading glasses in three timeless colors - gold, silver, and black.


What Is the Lowest Power Reading Glasses?

Most over-the-counter reading glasses come with a minimum strength of +1.00. However, at 2SeeLife, you get a range of reading glasses in different styles that start from a strength of +0.50 diopters. 

What Does +0.50 Power Reading Glasses Mean?

If you have been prescribed reading glasses with a strength of +0.50, it means it’s very low on the scale of strength. In practical terms, you don’t have a severe case of presbyopia and don’t need strong glasses to help you perform your daily tasks.

In Conclusion

Reading glasses become a necessity as presbyopia begins kicking in. In the early stages, most people start off not requiring very strong reading glasses, but with most options starting from +1.00 diopters, you’re often left with limited options when it comes to low power reading glasses.

However, in this guide, we’ve shown you 9 of the best reading glasses available at 2SeeLife, all of which start from a low strength of just +0.50 diopters. Now, you no longer have to worry about wearing strong reading glasses even when you don’t need them. All our reading glasses are made from premium materials and offer the highest levels of durability, so don’t forget to check out the entire collection on the 2SeeLife website!