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Best Wide Face Reading Glasses For Men in 2023

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Finding reading glasses for people with wide or larger faces can often be tricky. There are very few brands that cater to this niche, so most people end up having to deal with smaller, tighter, and uncomfortable glasses. If you're a part of this group of people and you're looking for the best wide face reading glasses for men, you're in the right place.

In this guide, we list six of the best large men’s readers that you can buy in 2023, so you can say goodbye to uncomfortable reading glasses for good. 

The 6 Best Wide Face Reading Glasses For Men

Stylish Wide Frame Reading Glasses For Men | R-775

The first pair on this list are these stylish wide frame reading glasses for men. Available in black and brown, these glasses are made of high-quality polycarbonate and are perfect for large faces. They feature unbreakable spring hinges and clear acrylic lenses that are non-polarized, scratch-resistant, and offer UV protection. These qualities make these men's readers a great bargain that will last you a long time.

These readers for large faces offer a wide field of vision unlike a lot of other reading glasses as they are fully magnified and come with a microfiber pouch so you can keep them safe and clean at all times. You can also get them in various strengths, starting from +0.50 to +4.00 diopters. 

Unbreakable Reading Glasses For Men With Blue Light Filters | R-728P

Three unbreakable oversized reading glasses for men.
unbreakable men's reading glasses

Nothing speaks class like a pair of reading glasses that strike the perfect balance between utility and form. The 80’s inspired design of these glasses is seamlessly given a modern twist but offers an undeniable throwback to the days of the past.

These unbreakable reading glasses for men feature heavy-duty wooden arms, along with thick square rims. The use of wood, unlike plastic, truly makes these stand out. They feature strong spring hinges for maximum durability and offer users the benefit of a blue light filter making those long hours in front of a computer that much easier on the eyes. The spring hinges also help these readers stay securely in place without coming loose.

These large men's reading glasses are available in four stunning colours, including matte black and wood, matte brown and wood, tortoise and wood, and black.

Bold Wide Frame Reading Glasses For Men | R-845P

The third mens reading glasses for wide faces on this list are the retro, yet sporty R-845P. These oversized reading glasses feature a quintessentially classy yet sporty shape that comes in two colours: Black and Tortoise.

The blue light filter makes these men’s reading glasses the ideal companion for those long hours spent in front of your screen. They’re ergonomic and extremely comfortable, sturdy, and the perfect option if you need to wear your reading glasses all day long. They’re also available in various strengths, ranging from +1.00 to +3.00 diopters.

Another key highlight of this pair of retro reading glasses is that they easily fit large heads, unlike a lot of other glasses that are only offered in smaller sizes. 

Retro Round Reading Glasses With Blue Light Blocking | R-729P

Round glasses never seem to go out of style, and if you’re someone who prefers retro round reading glasses over rectangular ones, these are sure to grab your attention. The evergreen design of these round reading glasses features high-end wooden arms that neatly taper into curved temple tips that are mounted with spring hinges for maximum durability.

These reading glasses for large heads are available in a variety of different colours, so you no longer have to compromise on style to get a pair of reading glasses that fit you. These colours include black, blue, green, clear, and wood brown. So whether you want something quirky and modern or masculine and understated, these frames are the ideal choice.

Stylish Men's Wide Frame Reading Glasses | R-775

Next on this list are these absolutely stylish wide frame reading glasses that also offer blue light protection. They’re perfect for wide or large faces and have a rectangular frame and top-quality lenses. Other key features include unbreakable spring hinges and rubber-coated arms.

Available in blue, these xl reading glasses are the perfect accessory to keep your eyes safe from the strain caused by screens. These big head reading glasses strike the perfect balance between being sturdy and lightweight. They also come very well-packaged with a microfiber pouch so you can always keep them safe.

Large Rectangular Reading Glasses For Men | R-808P

A pair of black large reading glasses.

The last pair on this list are these stunning high-end blue light-blocking reading glasses that are available in blue, black, red, and green. These oversized men's readers can be customized to fit any face shape and come with non-slip nose pads that will never leave behind any marks on your nose.

They feature unbreakable spring hinges, offer UV protection, and are also scratch resistant. The lenses are made of clear, high-quality acrylic and have no distortions, which isn't the case with a lot of other reading glasses. These qualities make these extra large reading glasses perfect for all conditions and are sure to hold up well over time.


Q. What glasses look best on a wide face?

Rectangular frames are a great option for men with wide faces. Geometric shapes elongate the face and accentuate the wearer’s features, and are also likely to be more comfortable.

Q. Can men wear oversized glasses?

Absolutely. Oversized reading glasses are not meant for either men or women. For both, a pair of large frames can look extremely stylish.

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Finding mens reading glasses for large heads can be difficult, but we’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ve listed six of the best large men's reading glasses you can find. With features like unbreakable spring hinges, blue light blocking, and high-quality materials, these glasses are the solution to what might seem like a neverending search to find the perfect pair of men's readers.

They offer crystal-clear lenses with no distortion whatsoever and fit large faces like a glove. So check out our extensive collection of men's reading glasses and take your pick.