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8 Funky Women's Reading Glasses To Stylish Your Look In 2022

Maayan Perel

jUNE, 22, 2022


Choosing the best women’s reading glasses depends on your unique needs and style, so it can be hard to know where to start when shopping around. With that in mind, this guide will take you through the top 8 women’s reading glasses that can help you revitalize your look as well as enhance your vision. Whether you want bold frames or simple ones, classic looks or trendy ones, read on to learn more about the variety of women’s reading glasses available to you!

stylish reading glasses for men

Reading Glasses Trends: Most Popular Styles & Shapes

When it comes to reading glasses trends for this season, there’s an emphasis on oversized and octagon shapes. Even wire rimmed are making a comeback—wayfarers, anyone? However, don’t be surprised if you see cat eyes—the fashion equivalent of those adorable feline contacts from the '90s. They’re still kicking—and have been given new life with two-tone styles and oversize frame

Fashion Cat Eye Readers

These red cat eye reading glasses are a perfect example of a timeless fashion. Cat eye glasses have been popular for decades and are expected to become even more mainstream and stylish in coming years

large frame reading glasses for men

Hexagon Reading Glasses

Octagon shapes have been popular among men's readers as well as women’s readers over recent years, likely because their unusual shape adds sophistication and personality to any outfit.

Oversized Cat Eye Reading Glasses

If you’re not a fan of small reading glasses, look for large cat eye reading glasses. Oversized models like these are becoming increasingly popular as we transition into 2022.

These squared-off readers make a big splash with their fuchsia lenses and vibrant blue wire rims. If you’re into retro fashion, you’ll love rocking these!

Round Retro Reading Glasses

Available in various retro styles and funky designs, round retro reading glasses are bound to get you compliments for your unique look. Green is also a hot color at present, so throw some green into your outfit as well!

Wire Rim Reading Glasses

The wire rim reading glasses are more modern than other women’s readers but have a more traditional look. They come in various colours like gold, black and silver and their thin, wire-like frames allow for perfect vision as you read or study.

Are you looking for a pair of funky reading glasses? Browline glasses have made a comeback and are continuing to stay relevant thanks to its designer style. Go beyond boring plastic and wire rimmes eyeglasses.

Clear Frame Reading Glasses

For a clean and simple look, opt for clear frames. While they may not be as trendy as tortoiseshell or cherry wood frames, these readers are versatile and look great with any outfit. The best part about clear frame glasses is that you can accessorize them with any color clothing you want.